— Making your product marketing a success!

Vision One is a dynamic licensing & consulting company. We create and manage advertising concepts and products in the fields of self-improvement, esotericism and astrology. We create, develop and support both offline & online marketing models worldwide, combining an international approach and tailored approach for each local market.

Vision One is a dynamic and highly professional team. We use a direct marketing approach and cover all the areas of expertise:


• brand/product management
• marketing research & data analysis
• marketing strategy
• marketing communications
• database management
• new media and web development
• advertising & creative.


We use the latest methods and knowledge and aim to give our partners the best support possible, identifying actual marketing issues and developing new marketing models adapted to unique needs and preferences of every market.

We work with all the off-line and on-line marketing channels creating a best marketing-mix for esoteric and self-improvement business development according to markets’ needs. We use the best-in-class methods, but tailor solutions to meet each market’s requirements.


We work exclusively with best authors in field of self-improvement, and mediums and astrologers to deliver full range of esoteric books, concepts and studies to the end customers.


We are happy to run business with you!